Knowhow: The Best Material

Because I usually look for the hardest material with the desired degree of opacity/translucency I started with my stl. dummy to mill/press/print different materials and sort them in a chart. That gives me a neutral overview of the property – so I need less sales-reps in my lab and know whats REALLY good;) I coloured the inside of the dummy/copping with black colour, so its like a black die. the left side shows monolithic anatomy, the right side a reduced copping for ceramics/composite/PMMA what ever (0,5mm thickness)… No 17 is the most opaque of the tested materials (L*88 with my photo setting on 0,5mm thickness), No 3 the most translucent. I just measured the value of the colour. Maybe you can use it or you do something similar. This map will certainly be expanded with more materials. Have fun and a good day! Best regards, Nando Aeschlimann

1 Emax LT
3 Emax HT A1
4 Vita Triluxe A1
5 Weithas Provisorien Kunststoff A1
6 Vita Cad Temp A1
7 Katana UTML A1
8 Katana ML A light
9 CADtools Multilayer SHT ML A1
10 CADtools Transluszent SHT Color A1
11 CADtools 3D Multilayer A1
12 Ivoclar Zirkon (transluzent) Color A1
13 Ivoclar Prime A1
14 Ivoclar Zircad LT-1
15 Ivoclar Zircad MO-1
16 Kulzer Multilayer A Light
17 Kulzer Zirconia Farbe White
18 Kulzer Zirconia HT
19 Zirconia HTE
20 Lava Ultimate HT A1
21 Lava Ultimate LT A1